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How To Design A Web Page That Makes You The Most Money!

How To Design A Web Page That Makes You The Most Money! What is your purpose for creating a website? If it is to make money, there are certain design factors that you will need to factor into your creation. Take a look at the websites you know that are successful. You will see that they have certain things in common. Apply these to your own website to make yours more profitable. The Right Keywords Even though you can advertise […]

Web Video Formats

Web Video Formats. Because of the great and frequent technological advances in internet technology it is now quite possible to add a high quality video to your website. In fact the presentation of high quality video content is becoming increasingly popular among global users of the worldwide web. This article will briefly discuss the subject of selecting a video format. Before you can place a video on your website you must make a basic decision about the format you want […]

Insert video on your web site

Importance of inserting video on your web site.  Inserting a video into your website could open the doors to increase both your profit and your client base. The process of adding a video to your website is very easy to learn and relatively inexpensive. This article will discuss briefly how to insert a video into your website. It is a proven fact that many people who will view the video on your website will eventually become your customers.  Adding a […]

How to create your own Web video

How to create your own web video Videos are very popular art form into today’s world. There are also an ever increasing number of ways that videos are used today for both pleasure and business. This could range from the very expensive and videos that are made popular by today’s top recording artist on the one hand to instructional videos that are used in the growing field of online education on the other hand. Videos are also a very effective […]

Set-up and Manage Your Website

It is necessary for you to set-up and manage your website properly so that visitors would be attracted to your site. Website management and maintenance are several activities which are performed to ensure that your web sites are current and updated. Web sites reflect the internal and current activities of that particular online business. Thus, it is imperative that you manage your website to fit the pre requisites and needs of the current society. For this to take place, it […]

Beginners HTML Tutorial | Adding Backgrounds To Your Web Page

Step 1: To add a background image to your web page, just copy this snippet of code: background=”bg.png” bgproperties=”fixed” Step 2: Now open your web page in the First Page or NVU software and paste that code in just AFTER the <body tag, like this: <body background=”bg.png” bgproperties=”fixed” Step 3: Change FILENAME to the actual filename you used when you saved the image to your hard drive. Example: If you used the filename of bluegradientbg.png then you’d type it like […]

How to set up your own website

How to set up your own website The advent of internet has changed the way people look at things. The very common matter being discussed by people is the site you will be making that will cater your business or personal need. Getting to the internet world is very important to the accomplishment of global market for the competition purposes. Internet marketing is very common in this new day of trend and getting the right access to this matter is […]

Designing Web Banner | Using The Background Image Maker to Design Your Banners

Designing Web Banner | Using The Background Image Maker to Design Your Banners Step 1.1: Go to this URL: http://bgmaker.ventdaval.com/ Step 1.2: When the page loads, you’ll see an online background generator that looks like this: Before you start using the image maker, decide what type of background image you’d like to use. There is a gallery you can view (and save background images from) that gives you an idea of the endless types of background images you can make, […]

Create New Web Banner Image Files

Create Banner Images. To create a new banner in Photoshop, you can use preset banner that has been available. 1.File> New or press Ctrl + N. 2. In the New box, select Preset = Web and Size = Medium Rectangle (or size others according to taste). 3. If you want to make a banner outside the standard sizes available in Preset, fill in its value in the Width and Height. 4th. Contents Background you can choose transparent or otherwise. This […]

Sample Banner Ad Webdesigns | A Simple Tutorial on Creating Banner Ads

Sample Banner Ad Webdesigns How to Create a Banner in Photoshop? Step 1: open new file (File Menu > New) (ctrl+n) Step 2: set your size for banner. default banner sizes are given below 120 X 240 Vertical Banner 120 X 600 Skyscraper 160 X 600 Wide Skyscraper 324 X 60 Half Banner 468 X 60 Full Banner Step 3: Fill Your Favorite Color in background with Pain Bucket Tool or select a color and press (alt+backspace) Step 4: Select […]