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Website Design [ 5 ]

Do It Yourself Website Design – How Hard Is It?

Do It Yourself Website Design When the web first started, it used to be only those who knew how to program were able to put up websites. But now, with the introduction of some really awesome pieces of software, anybody can do it with a little bit of work. It does not take a lot of work. If you have the right tools on hand, you can easily do it in one day. There are so many free resources out […]

How to Design Your Own Website | Choosing The Right Colors and Banner

The web has opened up so many different opportunities for so many people. You can do pretty much anything when it comes to designing your web page. Here are some website design tips and tricks that will help you get started in learning how to design your own web site. Write Sales letter – Colors To Avoid If your website is for selling a product or products, then you will need a good sales letter. When it comes to designing […]

Website Development and Design | Your Complete Web Design Resources on How to Sell Online

How to Sell Online -Complete Web Design Resources Since I am the King of Step-By-Step Online Marketing, I’m gonna lay out some steps for you right here. This is a plan for creating your own basic info product and selling it.  You CAN create a business where you promote only affiliate products.. But that isn’t what this cheat sheet is about. This may look like a lot of steps.  But my friend Lee did almost all of these in only […]