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Create New Web Banner Image Files

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Create Banner Images.

To create a new banner in Photoshop, you can use preset banner that has been available.

1.File> New or press Ctrl + N.

2. In the New box, select Preset = Web and Size = Medium Rectangle (or size others according to taste).

3. If you want to make a banner outside the standard sizes available in Preset, fill in its value in the Width and Height.

4th. Contents Background you can choose transparent or otherwise. This could be you further adjust when designing.

5. Click OK. Ready made banner.

Banner Background Color Organizing

1. Create a banner background color. You can apply the dominant color with the Paint Bucket

Tool or create color gradations with Gradient Tool.

1. For example, to make a graded background color, specify the foreground color and background. Click the icon Set your foreground color and select color, as well as in the icon Set background color.

2. To apply the color gradations, on the toolbox click the Gradient Tool icon. If the icon is not available in the toolbox, click and hold the icon and select the Paint Bucket Tool Gradient Tool.

3. Try the drag from the starting point to the end point gradation, for example from top to bottom or from left to right, see the results. If not satisfied, click the menu Edit> Step Backward, and repeat it back to obtain gradations of color that you want.

Arranging Text

Create a new layer to the main text banners.

1. In the toolbox click the Horizontal Type Tool.

2. Click on any position, and then type a few words, for example Buletindo Digital Media. Let the text with color and position of what it once was.

3. Click on the icon or click the Move tool to end the manufacture of another layer of text.

4th. To reset the color, type, or size of letters, click the text layer

then be sure to click back to the Horizontal Type Tool. Now select the type of font, size, color and text settings through the toolbar at the top of the window.

5. Repeat these steps to create a new text layer, for example for supporting the text as shown the following results.

Need more help in creating banner images?

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