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How To Design A Web Page That Makes You The Most Money!

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How To Design A Web Page That Makes You The Most Money!

What is your purpose for creating a website? If it is to make money, there are certain design factors that you will need to factor into your creation.

Take a look at the websites you know that are successful. You will see that they have certain things in common. Apply these to your own website to make yours more profitable.

The Right Keywords

Even though you can advertise to get people to visit, you will also want to take advantage of search traffic. If you can rank organically, you will be able to get free traffic. Not only is this free, it also brings targeted leads which are more likely to turn into buyers.

But, you cannot use any keyword you think works. You need to use keywords that your potential customers use.

Keyword research tools are essential to find out what people are searching for. The paid ones will give you more tools and more data with one click of the mouse. The free ones can give you the same information, but you will need to perform some steps manually. So, both free and paid ones will work depending on how much time you have available.

Choosing The Right Color

Science says that color affects people’s actions. Blue is the color of choice in business because marketing tests prove that more people will buy from someone wearing blue versus any other color. However, different markets have different colors that trigger a person’s trust. It takes testing to find out what color will work for your website. A trick you can apply here is to visit your competitor’s websites and see what colors the successful ones use the most of. Use that same color to see what effect it will have for you.

Relevant Graphics

Graphics are appealing and can have a tremendous impact on what your viewers will do. They need to be relevant and portray a message that will lead your potential customer to a sale.

Sell The Feeling

Do not sell the product. People do not buy things, but they buy feelings. They want to feel a certain way by using your product or service. Think about how perfumes and colognes are sold. They do not sell it as this or that chemical combination, but they sell the potential feelings it can evoke. They give the impression that if you buy and use their perfume or cologne, you will be the most popular and sought after person. Your love life will never be boring.

Think of ways you can apply this to what you have to offer.

Affiliate Links

Many webmasters today are also affiliate marketers for other companies. If you are going to add these to your website too, you will want to make sure that they do not impede on your visitor’s experience. If all they see are ads, most likely they will be turned off. Place ads in strategic places and they will make money for you. You also need to choose relevant ads to put up. You do not want an ad on golf on a pet fish site.

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